Chemical Physics Letters 300 (1999) 676-680

Inner-shell electron energy-loss spectroscopy of SF6 at very high momentum transfer

I.G. Eustatiu, T. Tyliszczak, A.P. Hitchcock

Chemistry, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4MI
Received 5 October 1998; in final form 17 December 1998

Non-dipole S 2p and S 2s core excitation of SF6 has been studied using inelastic electron scattering with variable scattering angles and impact energies (momentum transfer (K), 0.9 < K2 < 113 a.u. -2).   A non-dipole excitation at 181 eV is found to be the dominant S 2p spectral feature at large momentum transfer. A variable impact energy, fixed-K study shows that the first Born approximation fails under low impact energy, large scattering angle conditions. This study illustrates the importance of exploring a wide range of the inelastic scattering surface to ensure proper understanding of molecular spectroscopy and scattering dynamics.

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