Physical Review A  52 (1995) 4678-4688

Electron-impact core excitation of SF6. II. Generalized oscillator strengths in the S 2p region

Cássia C. Turci,1,2 James T. Francis,1 Tolek Tyliszczak,1 G. Gerson B. de Souza,2 and Adam P. Hitchcock1
1Department of Chemistry, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4MI
2lnstituto de Quimica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, 21910-900 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
(Received 7 April 1995)

The generalized oscillator strengths (GOSs) for discrete and continuum S 2p excitations of SF6 have been derived in the momentum transfer range (K2) of 1-20 au-2 from the angular variation of the relative differential cross section for inelastic electron scattering. The experimental techniques and data processing procedures used to obtain reliable, absolute GOS values are documented. The GOS results are compared to recent literature results [J. F. Ying, C. P. Mathers, and K. T. Leung, Phys. Rev. A 47, R5 (1993)]. Some discrepancies are noted. These are found to arise largely, but not completely, from differences in the data analysis procedures used. The Bethe surface for SF6 in the region of S 2p excitation is derived and the important role of Compton scattering by valence electrons is illustrated.

ã 1995 The American Physical Society