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CSRF - Grasshopper Beamline

Project Description

The CLS Facility Advisory Committee (FAC) recently met in Saskatoon (Nov. 6-7, 2000) and reviewed presentations by CSRF and CLS staff on the proposed CLS replacements of the grasshopper and the DCM beamline in Madison. Six months earlier (April 18-19, 2000), the FAC met at CLS to evaluate the original proposal (among others) submitted in February, 2000 on behalf of the CSRF users community to transfer the three CSRF lines (SGM, DCM and Grasshopper) to CLS. In the April meeting, the FAC approved the upgrade and transfer of the SGM from Madison to CLS, but suggested replacements for the DCM and the Grasshopper at CLS, covering similar photon energy range. As the result of the FAC recommendations, the beam team (CSRF staff and some of the CLS beamline staff) went to work and came up with a new design for the DCM, and a grasshopper replacement: a variable line space (VLS) plane grating monochromator (PGM) on an undulator source. These designs were presented at the Nov. FAC meeting. Although the official FAC report of the meeting will not be available for at least a few weeks, the beamline team (BT) has been informed unofficially that the FAC approved these new designs. The present capabilities at CSRF are summarized in table A while table B gives the expected future capabilities at CLS of three lines covering similar photon energy range of the three Madison lines.

All three beamlines are now at a preliminary design stage. This is the time to voice your needs to the BT so that they will be addressed. Please contact personnel listed below by e-mail.

CSRF-lines project coordinator and scientific advisor T.K Sham UWO
BT manager Emil Hallin CLS
SGM beamline coordinator Ian Coulthard CLS
SGM CSRF contact Yongfeng Hu UWO
PGM beamline coordinator Kim Tan CSRF
PGM CLS contact Jeff Cutler CLS
DCM beamline coordinator Emil Hallin CLS
Optics specialist Brian Yates CLS
Crystal and x-ray optics consultan De-tong Jiang CLS
Endstation specialist Yongfeng Hu UWO
Industrial application specialist Jeff Cutler CLS

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