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CSRF - Spherical Grating Monochromator Beamline

Beamline Specifications

SOURCE: Linear Undulator

OPTICS: spherical grating monochromator (3 gratings)

PHOTON RANGE: 5.5 to 0.65 nm  or
  225 to 1920 eV


~10^12 ph/s/100mA/0.1% BW (high resolution mode)

~10^14 ph/s/100mA/0.1% BW (medium resolution mode)

RESOLUTION: E/DE > 12,000 (10x10 micron slits)


CAPABILITIES (2 or more branched lines)

(i) High resolution photoemission of gases, surfaces and solids using a Scienta analyzer

(ii) X-ray absorption spectroscopy of solids using total yield, fluorescence yield, total and partial ion yield and luminescence detection

(iii) Time-of-flight multi-ion coincidence studies of gases and surfaces

(iv) X-ray magnetic linear dichroism (XMLD)

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