aXis 2000 - Analysis of X-ray Images and Spectra.

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Adam P. Hitchcock

Canada Research Chair

in Materials Research
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8S 4M1
V: +1 905 525-9140
F: +1 905 521-2773



last updated: 01 Feb2023

Welcome to the home page of aXis2000.

The latest version of this IDL widget is 01 Feb 2023

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Instructions to get, install & run

IDL Virtual Machine versions of aXis2000

Changes from previous version (20 Sep 2022)

If you want the help file of the package:  (pdf)
If you want details of the code:                (html)

Instructions to INSTALL or upgrade from old versions of aXis2000


OLD VERSIONS (in case things you use stop working after updating !)

Some tutorials are available to guide users through specific procedures:

   simple-tutorial        advanced-tutorial        stack_fit

Software I find very helpful to use in combination with aXis2000 on Windows
for Win7 or Win8 you will need to set properties to 32-bit (MWsnap) or 16-bit (PaintShop4) to run

MWsnap                       PaintShop4

This package was developed and is maintained by Adam Hitchcock (1997..).
It contains code contributions from many people including:

Chris Jacobsen   Peter Hitchcock   Carl Zimba    Billy Loo    Eli Rotenberg     Jonathan Denlinger     Rick Kneedler   Jacob Stewart-Ornstein     Goran Johansson     Ivaylo Koprinarov   Florian Meirer     Dieter Ingerle      Ben Watts


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