aXis 2000 - Analysis of X-ray Images and Spectra.

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Adam P. Hitchcock

Canada Research Chair

in Materials Research
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON
Canada L8S 4M1
V: +1 905 525-9140
F: +1 905 521-2773



last updated: 02 Jul 2015

Welcome to the home page of aXis2000.

The latest version of this IDL widget is 02 Jjul 2015

Download aXis2000 as a zip file
Donwload aXis2000.sav (compiled file for IDL VM)

Instructions to get & install

IDL Virtual Machine version (same code)

Changes from previous version (01 Apr 2015)

If you want the help file of the package:  (pdf)
If you want details of the code:                (html)

Instructions to INSTALL or upgrade from old versions of aXis2000


      Unix/Mac - versions from April 2008 that worked:         Intel processors         PPC processors

OLD VERSIONS (in case things you use stop working after updating !)

Some tutorials are available to guide users through specific procedures:

   simple-tutorial        advanced-tutorial        stack_fit

Software I find very helpful to use in combination with aXis2000

MWsnap                       PaintShop4

This package was developed and is maintained by Adam Hitchcock (1997..).
It contains code contributions from many people including:

Chris Jacobsen   Peter Hitchcock   Carl Zimba    Billy Loo    Eli Rotenberg     Jonathan Denlinger     Rick Kneedler   Jacob Stewart-Ornstein     Goran Johansson     Ivaylo Koprinarov   Florian Meirer     Dieter Ingerle


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