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aXis 2000 - Analysis of X-ray Images and Spectra.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR aXis2000 in Max OS X or Unix

Last changed: 13 May 2016    

1. Download the appropriate aXis2000 package - see\aXis2000.html

2. Create a folder under /Users/XXXX/ called aXis2000 where XXXX is the name of the user (or a user-group) who will be using aXis2000 (e.g. mine is 'aph')


3. Extract (unzip) all contents of into that folder
Make sure 'Use folder names' is turned on when you unzip - there should be 4 subfolders

    You must have all the source code files in the folder to make the Virtual Machine version work properly

Note: If you use a folder other than /Users/XXXX/aXis2000/
           there may be problems running the code.            

4. Use a text editor to modify the first line of the file aXis2000_unix.ini (in /Users/XXXX/aXis2000/)
          to be /Users/XXXX/aXis2000/. Save the file after this change.

 Do NOT use folder names with blanks
for the source code or your data !!!

5. In Finder, navigate to /Users/XXXX/aXis2000/ then right click on aXis2000.sav and
    click on 'Open with' then 'Other' then browse to /Applications/exelis/idl8.X\/
    select that icon and click on 'Always open with' (NB X = 3 for me, but would be 5 for latest IDL8.5)

6. In MacOSX, if you want to use the correct icon for aXis2000, right click on aXis2000.sav and click on Get Info


then drag the file /Users/XXXX/aXis2000/aXis2000.icns on top of the previous icon to change the icon.

7. right click on aXis2000.sav and 'make alias', then drag that alias to your desktop.

8.  Double clicking on that alias icon will launch the IDL Virtual machine and start aXis2000


For those with licensed IDL you can auto-start aXis2000
by setting the Startup file on the IDL (top level) preferences page to


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